July 3, 2012 admin

Congress seeks central forces for Dasuya byepoll

CHANDIGARH, July 3: Punjab Congress has sought deployment of central security forces for the Dasuya bye-election scheduled to be held on July 11. The party said, there was every apprehension of the ruling Akali-BJP alliance misusing power to facilitate the favourable outcome of the election.Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh in a letter to the Chief Election Commissioner of India has said that the recent experience of the Municipal and other local bodies’ elections has raised genuine apprehensions among the Congress workers that same tactics of violence and intimidation might be used during Dasuya bye-election also.
He said, in order to prevent and preempt any such thing, the Election Commission of India must deploy only the central forces during the election on each and every booth. He said, there was possibility of the state government deputing its own favourite police and other officials who will work for it.

The PCC President pointed out, during the Municipal elections the ruling alliance had specially deputed four Senior Superintendents of Police to take control of elections in Patiala only and there is no guarantee that they may not repeat the same in Dasuya also.
Capt Amarinder said, this becomes more important as the ruling alliance has realized that it was losing Dasuya bye-election and they might resort to violence and intimidation to win the election which must be prevented at all costs.

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