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Public Lecture on ‘The Holy Grail of Particle Physics:  The Search and Discovery of the Higgs Boson’ at P.U. Campus

CHANDIGARH- August 21, 2012(Bharatsandesh news):—–: A public lecture is being organized at Panjab University Campus by the School of Communication Studies and the Department of Physics on the topic, ‘The Holy Grail of Particle Physics:  The Search and Discovery of the Higgs Boson’. The lecture would be delivered by Dr R. Ramachandran on August 22, 2012 at 4.00 pm in the University Auditorium. The Guest of Honour shall be Shri Raj Chengappa, The Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune and the lecture shall be presided by Prof A.K. Grover, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Panjab University.
The lecture would focus on Particle Physics. Dr R Ramachandran would talk about present understanding of the structure of matter at the sub-atomic scale, the Standard Model of Particle Physics and the discovery of Higgs Boson. The announcement in early July of the discovery at CERN of what in all likelihood seems to be the Higgs Boson marks a major milestone in physics and Dr R Ramachandran shall discuss the significance of this discovery. Dr R Ramachandran is trained as a Theoretical Physicist with a PhD in Particle Physics. Now a journalist, he is an Associate Editor of Frontline, a publication of The Hindu Group. He has served as the President of the Indian Science Writers Association and is currently a member of the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change,  Dr. Archana R. Singh, Chairperson, School of Communication Studies, P.U. informed.   

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