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One-day workshop on Promotion of Security Studies in India

Chandigarh, 28 August 2012 (Bharatsandesh News):- The department of Defence and National Security Studies, Panjab University organised one-day workshop on “Promotion of Security Studies in India”. His Excellency Shri Shekhar Dutt, SM, Hon’ble Governor, Chattisgarh presided the workshop. In the introductory remarks Prof Rakesh Datta, Chairperson, DNSS, Panjab University highlighted the importance of security in all walks of life and mentioned the paradigm shift in the field of security. 

In welcome Address, Prof Arun Grover, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Panjab University, highlighted the legacy of Nehruvian era, which has navigated the policy structure of India and has its own contemporary relevance. He also mentioned the role of think tanks and related institutions for the promotion and awareness of the subject in the masses. This will help to generate quality leadership in the security domain, who will navigate the security policies of the country.

In his keynote address, Mr Arvind Gupta, Director General, Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi mentioned the growing interest of security studies and referred Kargil conflict as a turning point. While explaining the changing world order Mr Gupta highlighted the changing nature of security from physical safeguarding to comprehensive aspect of security encompassing all aspects related to human life such as Energy, Health, Psychological, Cyber etc. He also stressed for the development of Indian Aspect related to security studies which will precisely help to understand the Indian requirements in the field of security studies and role of Center for Excellence needs to be established at university level to percolate the interest about Security Studies at student level.

Mr Gupta also stressed upon changing the point of view to Security and Development from Security or Development. Mr Arvind Gupta also mentioned the role of think tanks for the promotion of security studies for academics and Security professionals, where the role of Internship programs, workshops and seminars can be looked as a catalyst.

Lt Gen. B. K. N. Chibber, [Former Governor of Punjab] in his special lecture highlighted the intense need of studying security studies post 26/11 and stressed upon the proactive security mechanism than reactive. He also mentioned the revolution in military affairs in the context of national security. He also highlighted the difficulties while strategizing the subject.

His Excellency Shri Shekhar Dutt, SM, Hon’ble Governor of Chattisgarh, in his presidential remarks mentioned the integral development of national security aspect at all levels of academics. He also stated the need of trained human resource to perform strategic thinking in proactive manner. The proactive study of Indian littoral region and scientific study of emerging challenges and threats can provide a wide knowledge base for the subject. He also stated the importance of creating Standard operating procedures, which can be looked as an early alarming system for security professionals. H.E. Shri Dutt also talked of environmental impact assessment as the prior need of contemporary policies.  The community driven and frequent interaction at grass root level will help for understanding the various dimensions of the security.

Major General (Retd.) R. K. Malhotra in a special lecture spoke about changing nature of military affairs from independence. He also highlighted the importance of research and development. While promoting the important subject of Security Studies various aspects such as external and internal security need to be studied.

The workshop was organised with the collaboration of Indian Council for Social Science Research. Prof Surinder Shukla, Acting Director, ICSSR proposed a vote of thanks. The workshop was attended by Security Professionals, Academicians, Research Scholars and students, Prof. Rakesh Datta, Chairman of the Department of Defence and National Security Studies, PU informed. 

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