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United Sikhs initiate movement to include Sikhism in school curriculum

Amritsar, 28 August 2012 (BharatSandesh Bureau):– Taking another step forward to make the world acquaint with the distinct identity of Sikhs who were being subjected to hate crime post 9/11, the International Sikh NGO UNITED SIKHS has begun a drive to press upon the California state government in USA to add Sikhism in school curriculum.

Director, Community Education and Empowerment Division- UNITED SIKHS, Kashmir Singh informed TOI on Monday that the organization has urged all California community members to sign the petition and send letters of support to Governor Jerry Brown to sign the bill SB1540 which required the California State Board of Education to consider the adoption of a revised history-social science framework.

The draft framework includes information about Sikhs in seven distinct areas said he. Kashmir said "When completed, this will become an important tool which will be used in all California schools to increase awareness and knowledge about Sikhism and its followers".

The bill has so far been unopposed and passed in the legislature. The only remaining action was for Governor Brown to sign the bill added he. He said the move was initiated in light of the recent Wisconsin tragedy and the concerns that the Sikh community had been facing since 9/11.

He said it had become imperative to bring awareness. "What better way to start with the very grass root level so that the future generations can embrace the beauty of diversification and co-existence in our country" said the director.

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