August 29, 2012 admin

Just beginning of punitive tax regime: Capt Amarinder

CHANDIGARH, August 29: Criticising the spate of taxes imposed by the Akali-BJP government in the state yesterday, Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh today said, this was just the beginning of a punitive taxation regime that was going to be unleashed on the people of Punjab in the coming days.
Reacting to the increase in VAT, infrastructure cess, tax imposed on all the properties and other taxes, the PCC President said, this was quite expected as this government was already bankrupt and was now trying to rob people of the state by imposing taxes by deceit after presenting a “tax free” budget in the assembly.
Capt Amarinder reiterated that imposing punitive taxes was no solution to revive the state economy. He said, the government should rather boost the confidence of the investors who can invest and generate jobs and resources. He pointed out, imposing such taxes will only discourage the investors who will have second thoughts even if they ever thought of investing in Punjab.

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