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Punjab imposes complete ban on transfers in education department

Chandigarh, 30 August 2012 (BharatSandesh News):– The Punjab government has imposed a complete ban on the transfers in Education department from August 31. Disclosing this here today, Mr. Sikander Singh Maluka, Education Minister said that there would be no single transfer in the department except the adjustments of those teachers who have been declared surplus during ongoing rationalization process. He categorically said that no teacher should approach his office for the purpose of transfer.
The Minister said that number of periods for teachers have been rescheduled under rationalization policy.
It may be mentioned here that according to the new norms proposed number of periods for a Principal was six in a week and if the principal was Cluster In-charge, he would be exempted from taking such periods. Similarly, for Headmasters of schools up to 500 students, the number of periods was 15, up to 1000 students 12, up to 1500 students 10 and up to 2000 students the number of proposed periods would be 7.
In case of lecturers, 32 periods have been made mandatory in a week. In case number of periods were not completed in plus 1 and plus 2 classes, the lecturers would be given junior classes and if then there was shortfall, such lecturer could be given period of those subjects in which he has been promoted. In case of Master/Mistress, the number of weekly periods would be 34. If a lecturer was taking the periods of master cadre then they should be given periods according to the policy. Besides this, number of weekly periods was 36 for C&V teachers.
It may also be mentioned here that in case of any surplus post of any subject, the teacher working on demand post should be relieved but there would be an exception to those teachers who have joined there under rationalization policy in last 2 years. According to the policy, the teacher with longer stay would be shifted. In case of surplus post, any teacher deputed under Sarv Sikhya, RMSA or CSS should be shifted. It has been clarified that teachers suffering from any complicated chronic disease and were having medical certificate issued from medical board of a medical college be exempted from shifting.


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