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“Wildlife Protection Week” from 02nd Oct. to 08th Oct. 2012

A meeting of Mission Aagaaz was held at its office opp. B.Ed. Khalsa College Gate, Amritsar in respect of State Level “Wildlife Protection Week” from 02nd Oct.  to 08th Oct. 2012. During the meeting it was a unanimous opinion that instead of observing such days at ground and realistic level, the State Government does its duty by merely giving advertisement in newspapers. In the present scenario, the forest area is fast depleting all over the country while more and more space is being utilized for raising concrete jungles. This surge in erecting Malls and other infrastructure at the cost of green cover has not only caused loss to humans but has also rendered several birds and animals homeless. The attitude of public towards animals especially stray dogs, cows and buffalos is very apathetic. It has to be understood that they are also living beings and they deserve love and proper attention like children. Rampant use of polythene has also caused deaths of many animals. Punjab Govt. should learn from Haryana Govt. as the later announced the closure of all butcheries in the State to observe Wildlife Protection Week.
The members of Mission Aagaaz appeal to all the residents of the city to have a sympathetic attitude for the animals and urge the Government to hold District level programmes in every district to observe this week. Such programmes and initiates at ground level shall have a better impact in increasing love for animals in the hearts of humans.
Deepak Babbar, Manjit Jhangra, Indu Bhatia, Kashmir Gill, K.S. Takkar, Dr. Harjit Singh etc were present in this meeting.
(Gurbhej Singh)
General Secretary

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