November 11, 2012 admin

Green Party of Canada statement on Remembrance Day

Ottawa (Canada), 10th Nov 2012 (Bharat Sandesh News):– In a press release on the Remembrance Day, Elizabeth May MP Leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliamnet for Saanich-Gulf Islands said that " November 11th is a day to remember that soldiers die believing they were sent for a reason, a noble cause, to defend, to liberate. 

Women and men of the military are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and we owe them our respect and gratitude. November 11th is a time for national reflection. We remember those who gave their lives willingly.

We remember the shattered lives of soldiers who return wounded not only physically, but psychologically.

We remember that the sacrifice is not just that of a single soldier but their entire family and often an entire community.

We remember the overwhelming, countless loss of civilians who didn’t choose to die.

We remember how easy it is to begin a war but not to end it.  There is no such thing as a short war–the effects of violence remain long after the last shot is fired.     

We remember the sacrifice of those who work for peace and to end violence.

We remember that violence does not happen just between nations but contaminates our entire society and our way of thinking. 

On November 11th we remember, with gratitude. 

On November 11th, we remember and pray that war will be no more.

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