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Kenya voyage from martial art to Kabaddi- A paradigm shift

Kenya becomes first Team of African Continent to Participate in World Cup Kabaddi

Bathinda/Chandigarh, 1st December 2012 (Bharat Sandesh News) :– Kenya has become the first nation of the African Continent, which has descended down to the heartland of the Malwa to participate in World Cup Kabaddi. Two teams from the African Continents are participating in this 3rd edition of World Cup Kabaddi, besides Kenya second entry from African Continent is Sierra Leone.

                Visually enthralled Captain of the Kenyan Mr. Johan Khakame, while speaking to the media, said that Kenya is known for its passion for Martial Art sports. He added, “Now, the game of the Kabaddi has become the ‘new love’ of the Kenyans”. He said that the Kenya has produced the universally renowned players of Tai-Kwando, Rugby and Kick Boxing. He said that the Kenyan Kabaddi team has been structured under the supervision of their coach Mr. Manjinder Singh, the Punjabi origin NRI. Mr. Khakame further said that, “this is the beginning and in the 4th edition of the World Cup Kabaddi, many more African nations will join the flock marching toward Kabaddi.

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