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Brief summery of criminal conduct of Sukhdev Singh Namdhari in procuring arms licences and obtaining duplicate licences by giving false addresses

Sukhdev Singh s/o Roor Singh applied for issuance of an arms licence to DM/Roop Nagar 20.9.1994. The residence proof submitted was a ration card having address of Master Colony, Kurali. The application for grant of licence was moved on 20.9.1994 by Sukhdev Singh to DC Office, Ropar which was forwarded to SSP, Ropar on the same day and further marked to SHO, PS Kurali by SSP, Ropar also on the same day, which is quite uncommon in normal practice and depicts the use of some influence to give priority to the applicant.
                  Gross irregularities are apparent in the police verification report, where ASI Gurcharan Singh recorded the statement of one Sh. Satpal s/o Charanji Lal r/o Ward No. 11, Kurali and verified the same as I/c City Kurali on 4.10.1994. He forwarded & recommended the file for issuance of fresh arms licence of the applicant to the MHC PS Kurali for verification of the antecedents of the applicant on the same day. On the basis of report of MHC  Bhajan Singh dated 12.10.1994, the same person ASI Gurcharan Singh recommended the case signing as SHO PS Kurali to the office of SSP, Ropar. It is apparent that right from the verification of the statement of Sh. Satpal, the same official moved the file as Incharge City Kotwali as well SHO PS Kurali and no other I/O was deputed.
                 In addition to Sukhdev Singh four other applicants including his real brother were issued arms licences. A complete investigation of the licences issued to other four accomplices of Sukhdev Singh is required as it is felt that a nexus could be established between all the five applicants who may not be residents of Punjab and may be acting as henchmen of the Sukhdev Singh in Bazpur, Uttranchal.
                  Sukhdev Singh purchased three weapons over the years viz one 315 bore Rifle, one DBBL Gun and a Pistol. Subsequent renewals were carried out by DM/Roop Nagar and DM/SAS Nagar. The licence is valid till 1.3.2013.
                 Sukhdev Singh Namdhari misused his weapon for seizing disputed property in Undham Singh Nagar  In a speaking order dated 29.12.2005 passed by DM Udham Singh Nagar, Uttranchal under Section 17 of the Arms Act, 1962, the arms licence of Sukhdev Singh s/o Roor Singh r/o Talli Farm, PS Bazpur bearing number 276/PS Kurali/DM/Ropar was ordered to be cancelled. The licensee was found misusing his weapon in an incident dated 6.3.2005, wherein the .315 Bore Rifle bearing no.94-AB-2811 was handed over to one Navtej Singh for taking illegal possession of a disputed property. The weapon was impounded and deposited in Police Station Kashipur. The order was appealed against with Commissioner, Kumaun Mandal, Nanital who turned down in the appeal on 2.4.2008.
                  The order of DM Udham Singh Nagar however mentions the communication of the cancellation of licence to DM, Patiala, which further raises doubts whether the original copy of the licence was deposited in the case. The complete information needs to be verified to understand the facts regarding misuse of the licence by Sukhdev Singh. It is pertinent to mention that a duplicate licence had been got issued from DM Amritsar on 22.3.2001 and another duplicate licence was issued by DM/SAS Nagar on 17.5.2007.
                   Sukhdev Singh s/o Roor Singh applied to DM Amritsar for issuing a duplicate license and for renewal of his licence no 276/PS Kurali/DM Roop Nagar in March, 2001. The applicant gave a fake address – 4657 Ranjit Pura, Amritsar. A duplicate licence book was issued by DM/Amritsar on 22.3.2001and the licence was renewed upto 1.3.2004. Further the new Licence No. 17980/OD/DM/ASR with area validity of State of Punjab, Chandigarh, U.P. Haryana, H.P. Weapons endorsed included NPB 315 Bore Rifle AB -94-2811 and 12 Bore DBBL Gun No.95/20689 and an open endorsement for purchase of NPB Revolver/Pistol as per the records obtained.
                       The purpose of obtaining a duplicate copy from DM/Amritsar indicates that the licence was got issued with ulterior motives by the licensee Sukhdev Singh. The DM/Amritsar issued the duplicate copy without surrendering the original licence issued by DM/Ropar, which was found in the records of DM/SAS Nagar where another duplicate copy was issued on 17.5.2007.
             The chain of events points out towards the criminal intentions of Sukhdev Singh in using duplicate licence books for some illegal motives which need to be unearthed at the investigation stage.
                  The licensee applied for addition of Revolver/Pistol in 1995 and in 1996 also but did not purchase any Rev/Pistol. He again applied in 2007 and procured the 7.62 mm Pistol No. M-18130 in December, 2008.                        
                    Perusal of the report prima facie leads to the conclusion that Sukhdev Singh Namdhari resorted to illegal means to provide fake residence proof(s) to obtain the arms licences and Passport in the State of Punjab.
                     It is recommended that a criminal case be lodged against the fugitive at State Crime Police Station, Mohali and the accused be brought on production remand for investigation


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