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Congress urges Sh. Joginder Pal Jain MLA Moga to reconsider his decision to join SAD, as he will be betrayed and cheated.

As stated above, Congress party urges Sh. Joginder Pal Jain MLA Moga to reconsider his decision to join Akali Dal, as he is very likely to be betrayed and cheated upon. The Badal duo have not honoured their commitment to any of the congress leaders  who have joined them in the recent past. Most glaring example of treachery and cheating has come to light from none other than Raja Malwinder Singh, the prize catch by the Akali Dal, in the run up to Vidhan Sabha elections of 2012. Raja Malwinder Singh minced no words in exposing the opportunist attitude of the Badals recently through the media. He accused the Badals of not honoring their commitment made to him while joining Akali Dal. If this is the plight of persons like Raja Malwinder Singh brother of Capt. Amarinder Singh, who left no stone unturned in the defeat of Raninder Singh Congress candidate from Samana, what can Mr. Jain expect from the Akali Dal?
In the past leaders like Bir Devinder Singh Ex-Dy. Speaker and Gurcharan Singh Galib Ex-M.P. too joined Akali Dal but have been betrayed very badly and left in the lurch. A defection must have a legitimate ground, while in the case of Mr. Jain there seems to be none.
Congress also apprehends that the defection of Mr. Jain is a result of intimidation, arm twisting and coercive methodology adopted by the Sukhbir – Majithia duo. Mr. Jain as we are aware faces many criminal cases that are pending against him, we are of the hunch that the ruling party is misusing their state power to intimidate Mr. Jain into Akali Dal. Gross misuse of police force is the order of the day coercing lower and middle rung Congress leaders into joining Akali Dal in the country side daily.
Mr. Jain must also realize that he owes his political status to the Congress party, by joining Akali Dal be would be doing great disservice to morals and ethics in polity. Congress terms this move of Mr. Jain as sheer opportunism which will set wrong precedents in future. The dreams of Mr. Jain expecting to be fielded by Akali Dal as their candidate from Moga in a by-election would turn out to be a myth. He would be betrayed as the Badals will again field Mr. Gill Ex-DGP from Moga and the fate of Mr. Jain then would be like ‘the dog who runs after two bones catches neither.’
Therefore, Congress urges Mr. Jain to reconsider his utterly wrong, deceitful and opportunist decision of joining Akali Dal in the interest of decent democratic values.

Ex-MLA, Punjab

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