February 21, 2013 admin

Mission Aagaaz

Amritsar, 21st Feb 2013 (Bharat Sandesh News):– A team of Mission Aagaaz witnessed a unique, innovative and eco-friendly idea of making door frames (chughats) with cement and chips instead of traditional wood, photographs of which are attached herewith.

Mission Aagaaz appreciates and motivates such creators and the manufacturer will be honoured at our upcoming event ‘GUL-GULSHAN-GULFAM – Flower & Baby Show dedicated to Bhai Veer Singh Ji which is likely to be organized in the month of March 2013. You are requested to visit the site and witness yourself this idea which can save a lot of trees from being cut.The workshop is located at Adda Ram Tirath, Amritsar Road, Ram Tirath.

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