March 15, 2013 admin

Press Release of Workshop: Well Being of Young Girls

 Well Being of Young Girls”- a workshop oriented towards Physical, Emotional and Social Health of Young Women, is being organized at PGGCG-42, Chandigarh. Gender Equity and Non- Discriminating Society has invited Abha Bhaiya and Dr. Pritam Pal, Manju and Asha to conduct this workshop from 15th-17th March. The workshop will begin at 9 a.m. and will continue till 3.30pm. About 80 Post Graduate Students will be participating and this workshop will be significant in the context of Good Health practices and generating awareness among the Young girls. The three day workshop is being organized by Dr. Jyoti Seth (Convener) and Dr. Rewa Rishi ( Co-ordinator).

for enquiry please contact

Dr. Jyoti Seth 9815961261

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