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Punjab Governor releases K Natwar Singh’s book “Walking with Lions”

Chandigarh, March 17: The Punjab Governor and Administrator UT Chandigarh, Mr. Shivraj V. Patil today released a book “WALKING WITH LIONS, authored by Mr K Natwar Singh, former Union Minister.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Patil said that the book is written in a very lucid and beautiful language. It is spicy and it gives some insight into the manner in which the diplomats contact and deal with one another. He said it also sheds some light on human nature, and some weaknesses of some great persons. It also sheds light on the adroitness in which some complicated matters are dealt with. He said that it also points out the inner greatness of leaders, who deal with national and internal matters and individuals.

Mr. Patil said that what Mr. Natwar Singh has written cannot be called full memoirs of his diplomatic and political career. He said it can certainly form a very interesting and important part of his life sketch also.

The Governor further said that what is given to us as the history of any period does not disclose all that has happened in the period of the history. It is difficult to include all facts and fascinating debates in the history. That is why some times, histories of some periods became mechanical and less interesting. When books like this are read along with the histories, they become lively, more interesting and fascinating. He said if we look from this angle, it is possible to say that this book is likely to make modern history of independent India more attractive and meaningful.

Congratulating Mr. K. Natwar Singh who is a well known author, diplomat and politician, Mr. Patil said that this book has been put in the hands of the readers and he has no doubt that it would be read with great interest and the readers would definitely form their views on the events of the recent past in a more correct manner.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raj Chengappa, Editor-in-Chief, The Tribune highly appreciated the contents of the book and said thatthe book was written in a language which is easy to read and understand and readers would be happy to go through its contents.

Prominent amongst others who attended the book release function included, Mr. Justice J.C. Verma, Mr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu, Assistant Solicitor General of India, Mr. K.K. Sharma, Adviser to Administrator, Mr. Alok Kumar, DIG,  and senior officers and family members of Mr. Natwar Singh.

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