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MISSION AAGAAZ Earth & Resources Care Group-Regd.

   Dated: 22-03-2013


Press Note


While observing World Water Day, a team of Mission Aagaaz visited the areas of Putlighar, Sadar Bazar, Islamabad and Gawal Mandi to take stock of the condition of public as well as household taps actually prevailing at the grass root level. Nevertheless to say that 99.9% people were unaware of ‘World Water Day’. Through this survey the lack of awareness among the people has come into light. Moreover, the lax attitude of people towards this most precious natural source of life is still prevalent and people hardly care to close the tap after taking water from it. The apparent answer of most of the people is that "saada kehda bill aunda hai". The team of Mission Aagaaz put taps on open ended water pipes in Sadar Bazar area. A group of residents of Gawal Mandi were informed that the ground water level is going down day by day and immediate steps are required to be taken by each and every person in order to restore the water level.


Deepak Babbar said that at Government level, strict action against the factories discharging toxic effluent in water bodies is the need of hour. As per the reports of survey of GNDU, residents of village Mahal are already reeling under the threat of DNA changes and cancer due to the toxicity of effluents in Tung Dhab Drain. Suitable measures should also be taken to check water wastage during car washing in posh localities. 


Farmers will also have to play a crucial role in maintaining proper water level. They will have to diversify the crop pattern and shift to other cash crops instead of rice and wheat cycle.


We urge the residents of Amritsar to use water judicially and desist form its overexploitation. It has to be understood that if we are aware of our rights, it is also mandatory to be conscious about our duties and checking water wastage is the foremost duty of each and every human being as this is invaluable resource without which life on this planet cannot be imagined. Every drop of water saved today will add to the better health of our future generations.


(Gurbhej Singh)

General Secretary


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