March 31, 2013 admin

Chamar Mahan Sabha’s appeal to Badal govt.: Give statutory status to SC Sub-Plan on Andhra pattern Protests by ‘Dalit bodies’ was part of conspiracy

 Chandigarh, March 31.

The Akali-BJP government has conspired to scuttle the movement launched for the social and economic upliftment of the Scheduled Castes by the Chamar Mahan Sabha which raised the issue of non-implementation of the Rs 4039 crore  SC Sub-Plan.

According to the Chamar Mahan Sabha, the Akali-BJP government conspired in collusion with the Punjab Scheduled Castes Commission and SC self-styled employees and other organisations, spread rumours that 60,000 backlog reserved posts for SCs had been abolished.

According to the Sabha president, Paramjit Singh Kainth, these self-styled organisations, to divert the attention of the SC community from the real SC Sub-Plan issue, staged protests by a handful of hired people in Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar.

"Actually there was no plan to abolish the said posts. The protests were staged to sabotage the movement launched by the Chamar Mahan Sabha to create awareness among the SC community  about the way the Government was cheating them with regard to the Rs 4039 crore SC Sub-Plan," said Kainth.

"We appeal to the Punjab government to  give a statutory status to the Scheduled Castes Sub Plan making  their implementation compulsory and  preventing the diversion of funds specially allocated for the benefit of SCs," said the president.  



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