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GADVASU develops Meat based protein rich snacks

 Ludhiana-03-April, 2013

Snack foods are being utilized by the peoples of all ages especially children. Commonly available snacks in market are generally fat fried containing very high amount of salts, cholesterol, trans fats and has poor nutritive value. These snacks are increasingly associated with the obesity, cardiovascular and other health concerns. Department of Livestock Products Technology has developed the meat based snack products such as chicken meat kurkure, chicken meat caruncles, chicken meat noodles and chicken meat biscuits. The information was shared by Dr.Manish Chatli HoD of Livestock Products Technology Department of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University. He revealed that in general, plain noodles have 0 % proteins whereas atta noodles may have 5-7% proteins. Similarly, market available kurkure has only 2-3% proteins. However, the developed meat based products are very nutritious and have protein contents ranging from 20-25% with reduced levels of salts and fat than the conventional snacks. The animal proteins have very high biological value and contain all the essential amino acids which are required for the development of muscles and brain of the children. Further, it has distinguished sensory attributes over the conventional snack foods.

The developed meat based snack products can be stored at room temperature without refrigeration for more than 3 months. Department has also developed taste maker for the chicken noodles which adds to the sensory quality of the product. These are prepared similar to the routine noodles after boiling with taste maker for 3-4 minutes and garnish it with or without vegetables before serving. Department has also developed meat waddi rich in proteins, low-fat, low-salt and can be utilized in various culinary dishes. Furthermore, department has also developed various meat products including meat samosas, meat patties, meat koftas, sausages, loaves, pickle etc. Department is selling all these products for the popularization under Revolving Fund Scheme at economical price during Pashu Palan Mela, Food Festivals and on every afternoon of week days in the department. In addition of it department has ‘state of the art’ facilities for the vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging conditions. It also extends the services for the nutritional labeling of various food products. It is regularly conducting training programmes for the farmers, entrepreneurs, unemployed youth and meat industry personnels. The department is capable for ‘tailor made’ trainings on product development for the ladies/ Self Help Groups/ NGO on-demand.

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