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SAB TV’s Jeannie Aur Juju cast take Amritsar by storm!!! ~GiaManek, Ali Asgar&Navina Bole meet the fans across the city~

 Amritsar, April 3rd ,2013: SAB TV‘s light heart show  Jeannie Aur Juju with its lovable set of characters like Jeannie, Priya and Captain Vicky has struck a chord with viewers across Hindi speaking markets. As per the last week TAM data the shows have seen increasing growth in its TRP’s garnering Avg 1.3TVR. Recently, the show has successfully completed 100 episodes.


Since Jeannie Aur Juju’s launch in India, the show has gathered a multitude of fans. While men are loving the sauve Ali Asgar, the women and the kids love the vivacious Gia and adore Navina’s immense love for Vicky.


Commenting on the show,Mr. Anooj Kapoor, EVP & Business Head, SAB TV said, “Gia was immensely popular across HSM and has been well accepted in her new avatar as the affable Jeannie. Ali is known for his comic timing and together they have been creating magic on this magical comedy. Also, Navina’s popularity and charm adds an interesting twist to this romantic magic comedy.”


The fan pages are quickly filling up and the love of the people for the show is now being demonstrated in more ways than one. With Ali Asgar playing Vicky, the pilot and GiaaManek playing Jeannie, the show has turned out to be charmingly funny and irresistibly cute. The two are popular names on Indian Television. Gia has now got lovingly accepted in her new avatar of Jeannie. She has previously experimented with popular daily soaps and even reality shows that won the hearts of her audience in every role she portrayed. As for Ali Asgar, he has spent more than a decade doing a variety of shows and is now one of the most sought after television actors of today.


Soon Jeannie will have an unexpected visitor.JiaJeannie’s elder sister will come to visit her fromJinland. Jia has come to take Jeannie back to where she belongs. She shares a great bond with Jeannie and doesn’t believe in love at all.She thinks that love only gives   unhappiness and hence does not want her sister to be hurt. Jeannie is in a fix as she can’t refuse her sister and at the same time she can’t leave her Juju as well.What happens next tune into find out more on Jeannie Aur Juju every Mon-Friday at 9:30pm only on SAB TV


Tune into Jeannie Aur Juju every Mon-Friday on SAB TV AT 9:30 PM


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