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Re-dressal of complaint against JAISU Shipping by the captain and crew of Kamal-XL struck off the harbor of Kandla for the last few months

 The captain of KAMAL –XL  (owned by Jaisu Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd.) Mr. Mohan Chandran Pillai along with his crew of 35 got stuck off the shores of Kandla port (Gujrat) as the main engines of the ship broke down and dismantled for the repairs. The ship without the engines was insecure as their was no power on board and whether has gone unpredictable which could lead to the sinking of the ship. Moreover the company had discontinued the payment of salaries of the crew which led to chaotic situation. Two of the crew members of the ship had no immigration and customs clearances.

As per the captain the food & water supply on board was low both in quantity and quality. The company office also stopped communications with the ship. The captain and crew also contacted the recruiting agents which are Golden Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., Kalba marine Services Pvt. Ltd.(Amritsar based) & Guru Kirpa Marine Services but they didn’t do anything satisfactory in spite of charging the heavy recruitment fees.The crew had been trying to get this situation resolved from the government authorities but all was in vein. 

The captain and crew contacted the office of Sec. Gen. of Akhil Bharatiya Human Rights Organisation (ABHRO) on 6th April 2013. Upon receiving the complaint ABHRO contacted Ansar Burney Law Firm based in UK for International support.  After this the matter was highlighted with the media support on national and international level. In a matter of few hours the captain and crew of the ship contacted ABHRO that the management has promised to resolve all the issues by the evening of Monday.  The company and the agents are also trying to contact ABHRO to not to take any measures against them.

Keeping this achievement in view the custodian of Dargah Ajmer Sharif; reverend Haji Syed Salman Chisty along with his hosts from ABHRO briefed media about this humanitarian achievement of the activists. Haji Sahib further said that where government authorities get stuck in paper formalities such organisations like ABHRO act without any hesitation any serve humanity without any desire for awards or appreciation. Haji Sahib also promised ABHRO Sec. Gen. to provide full support for humanitarian activities. 

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