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Congenial atmosphere and studies be main motive of University- Prof. Brar

Amritsar, May 24(     Bharatsandesh news        )– The Guru Nanak Dev University is the only University in Punjab which have paid all dues to its employees well in time; may be DA installments, pension or any other financial benefits as paid to its employees by the Punjab Government.  It is the only University which has cleared all dues of its employees regularly with out any delay.
    Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ajaib Singh Brar said while expressing his concern over the ongoing strike of the Guru Nanak Dev University Teachers Association (GNDUTA). He said that the University has been granted the status of ‘University with Potential for Excellence’. He said that according to UGC ranking, Guru Nanak Dev University is among the first 15 universities of the country. In addition, the University has established Centre on "Genetic Basis of Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Punjab" under UGC Scheme "Centre with Potential for Excellence in Particular Area (CPEPA)" with financial assistance from UGC. 
Prof. Brar said that recently the University has been sanctioned a project under PURSE programme by DST, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. He said that last week only the Academic Staff College (ASC) of the University has been selected for up gradation by UGC.  He said that the ASC would be upgraded to be one of the Model Academic Staff Colleges in the Country. For this purpose, two universities have been selected from the North Region; one Banaras Hindu University and other Guru Nanak Dev University.  All examinations of our University are being held as per schedule, he added.
    Vice-Chancellor lamented that it is really unfortunate that GNDUTA has been trying to deteriorate the congenial atmosphere of the University by staging uncalled for dharnas, protests and strikes. He said that this tried to interrupt the working of the various offices without any rhyme and reason.
He said that no doubt GNDUTA has their demands charter but this is not the way to resort to demonstration. So, the University has been forced to resort to secure order from the court restricting demonstration within a radius of 100 meters from the University boundary just to maintain peace and harmony in the University Campus for studies. 
    While talking about the demand charter of the GNDUTA, he said the GNDUTA demand charter was placed on 10th May and was discussed in the  meeting with the Executive Committee of the GNDUTA on 16th May, 2013 at 4.00 p.m. in the Committee Room of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. They (GNDUTA) talked about the Modality Committee to work out the modalities for promotion of teachers. They wanted to twist the UGC rules in violation of the UGC regulations, 2010.
Prof. Brar said that there is no Modality Committee in Punjab University, Punjabi University or any other university. All the universities are following set UGC Regulations. Then they (GNDUTA) took up the issue of change of date of eligibility of teachers for promotion under UGC Career Advancement Scheme.   He said that the Selection Committees Constituted as per the regulations of University Grants Commission, New Delhi did not find some teachers suitable for promotion from the date of eligibility and accordingly changed their date of eligibility according to fulfillment of minimum qualifications required for promotion. 
He said that that the GNDUTA wants some internal committee should be formed to promote everybody without seeing their eligibility or suitability. Their sole motive is that every teacher should be promoted even though he has no research publications, research guidance or domain knowledge irrespective of their eligibility or suitability, he added.
    He said that GNDUTA wants that there should be no case against Dr. Bhalla, no case against Dr. Balwinder Singh. Mr. Nakul Kundra was on probation and due to the recommendation of the Principal, ASSM College, Mukandpur, he was not confirmed and removed from the service. GNDUTA wants that everybody put on probation must be confirmed. GNDUTA also wants that warning letter issued to Mr. Manjit Singh, Asstt. Professor of Mukandpur College be immediately withdrawn and even the probation of Asstt. Professors of Sathiala College should not be extended and they should be confirmed. GNDUTA wants 100% promotions for everybody irrespective of fulfillment of eligibility conditions.
He said that GNDUTA even opposed tooth and nail the introduction of Choice based Credit System which is intended to makes the teachers more responsive and it is as per the directions of UGC.  Whereas, the Credit System is successfully running in high academic and professional institutions in all over the Country.
    Last year, Election Commission gave duty to the teachers for Punjab Assembly elections and GNDUTA locked the Office of the Registrar on January 9, 2012 and did not allow him to function. The Registrar reported the matter to the Vice-Chancellor; and, due to the request of some senior teachers, we didn’t pursue this matter for investigation. But the GNDUTA took advantage of the lenient view of the authorities and gave a threatening call to go on strike and disrupted the functioning of the various offices (Please see attachments).
    He said that to maintain an academic atmosphere at the University, the University was left with no choice but to approach the Hon’ble Local Court for issuing suitable directions to the GNDUTA. On hearing the University plea and the Registrar’s complaint, the Court was convinced to issue suitable directions not to hold any protest, etc. within the University.
    In past also, when many teachers went on protest, they didn’t take classes and disrupted the normal academic atmosphere. Students are paying high fee and it is the duty of the administration to provide them high quality education without any disruption and conduct of examinations, which is already mentioned in the Acts & Statutes of the University. University authorities are fulfilling their mandate. GNDUTA has already been informed about the release of arrears.  80% of the arrears are to be paid by the Central Government and 20% by the Punjab Government; and we are trying our best to release these arrears by the Punjab Government and these will be paid as soon as possible.


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