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Congress urges Justice A.N.Jindal to recuse himself from the judicial inquiry,


Press Release
Subject: – Congress urges Justice A.N.Jindal to recuse himself from the judicial inquiry, to uphold high moral standards expected from judges, in view of more startling connections between him and the SAD-BJP alliance.
It has now further come to light that the immediate family of the in laws of Justice Jindal have deep connections with the ruling alliance of SAD-BJP. These revelations have only vindicated the allegatioins of the Congress party of a quid-pro-quid arrangement between Justice Jindal and Sh. Badal CM as well as Sh. Maluka, Education Minister.
    It is matter of record that Sh. Deepak Garg, who is now serving as Dy. Advocate General, Punjab, is the son of Sh. Sheetal Garg, real brother in law of Justice Jindal. It is also a known fact that Sh. S.S.Maluka EM played a key role in the appointment of sh. Deepak Garg as Dy. AG. Needless to mention, Garg family have very close relations with the EM and that they originally hail from Rampura Phool. With Sh. Deepak Garg being in the AG Punjab office, the lid of conspiracy between the CM and the AG regarding appointment of Justice Jindal stands blown off.
    As if the connections of Sh. Sunil Bitta Ex-President MC Rampura Phool and those of Sh. Deepak Garg Dy. AG were not enough to show the closeness of Justice Jindal through his in laws family with the Badal-Maluka duo, another link of Sh. Ashwani Garg the other son of Justice Jindal’s brother in law further cements our allegations. Sh. Ashwani Garg is the General Secretary of the BJP unit of the District Barnala.
    Now there should not be an iota of doubt left in the minds of one and all, that Justice Jindal and the SAD-BJP govt. enjoy extreme proximity through the Garg family. Keeping in view various links of Justice Jindal with both the ruling alliance partners SAD and the BJP, there can be no chance for a fair and impartial probe.
    Therefore, the Congress makes a last minute appeal to Justice Jindal, that in order to maintain high standards of ethics being a retd. Judge, he should recuse himself from the pre planned, motivated and manipulated judicial inquiry.
Sukhpal Singh Khaira
Official Spokesperson, PPCC


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