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Deepak Babbar Executive Director and Senior Member Rameshwar Dutt Sharma today noticed a fire being set outside the Air Force Station near Hartej Hospital. After inquiring from the Air Force employees, it was learnt that the fire was set from inside which later on spread outside the premises of Air Force. The fire engulfed the trees that were replanted after being uprooted from Dr. Vidya Sagar Mental Hospital in the year 2009.   This is the height of indifferent and callous attitude towards the trees that were first dislocated, then rehabilitated and now when the life had started showing signs, they have been brutally set upon fire. Recently fire incidents were reported in Circuit House, GNDU, Canal Colony Opp. S.R. Govt. College for Women, Cantonment Area. We urge the Deputy Commissioner to probe into the incident and book the guilty so that a precedent can be set for others. It is high time that we realize the seriousness of conserving green cover before embarking upon the idea of enhancing it further. Farmers are also unabatedly setting up the field straws on fire because of political patronage. In cities, M.C. employees (sweepers) least bother about the directions of Mayor or Commissioner about not burning the waste. The MC employees burn the waste in order to save their effort and time. They can be easily found setting the waste on fire in posh colonies such as Rani Ka Bagh, Basant Avenue, Green Avenue etc during early morning.
The Government will have to understand that mere issuing notices will not serve the purpose until & unless a concrete policy is formulated and stern action is taken against the offenders.

(Gurbhej Singh)
General Secretary


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