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Need to develop readership among researchers for creative participation in Philosophy of Science – Scholars

Seminar on Science and Method: Exploring a New Paradigm organized by Naad Pargaas
Amritsar, June 2, 2013 ( Bharatsandesh news ) A one-day seminar on Science and Method: Exploring a New Paradigm was organized here today in Bhai Nand Lal Goya Hall, Bhai Vir Singh Vidyala, Putlighar by by Naad Pargaas.
Dr. Narinder Singh from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar presided over while Prof. Himat Singh from Punjabi University, Patiala was the chief guest. S. Onkar Singh Psycho-therapist & S. Adess Singh Social thinker and Scientific inventor were special guests on this occasion. Prof. Sukhwinder Singh welcomed the guest and dignitaries. Prof. Jagdish Singh presented vote of thanks.
Appreciating the effort of Naad Pargaas, Dr. Narinder Singh said that it is the necessity of the hour to explore the root level problems in philosophy of science. He also appreciated the scholars for addressing local and global problems in their works simultaneously. While addressing, Prof. Himat Singh and Dr. Onkar Singh said that a lot of work has been done in philosophy of science on Indian soil which is yet to be addressed in proper context. They also stressed upon the urgency to develop a serious readership.
S. Adess Singh emphasized that the proper understanding of philosophy of science can help in developing a new model of social economy. He also spoke to inspire young researchers to enter the domain of scientific investigation.
While welcoming, Prof. Sukhwinder Singh said that the motive of this seminar is to the enhance readership among the students and researchers, so that they can creatively participate in the philosophy of Science.
Six papers was presented in the one day seminar in which Mr. Amandeep Singh explored the interrelationships between music and science and showed how musical insights can help the development in science. To support his arguments, gave a number of factual evidences of music effecting psychology, physiology, mathematics etc. Prof. Damanjit Singh discussed the history of paradigm shifts and the changes in underlying philosophy. Ms. Harsimran Kaur explored the conception of matter in Indian Philosophy while doing so he discussed various schools of thought and their contribution to materialistic thought. Prof. Kawarpal Singh based his argument on Carl Popper’s theory of scientific method. He discussed deductive and inductive approaches with their positive as well as negative aspects. Mr. Harpreet Singh showed how the present day medical science is being controlled by Newtonian model of universe. He explored the works of Fritzof Capra and highlighted the possibilities of turning point in health and life sciences. Kawaljit Kaur discussed the problem of Demarcation of science and metaphysics. Collectively the scholars shared philosophical insights regarding the relationship between philosophy and science and their impact on each other.
Dr. Jaswinder Singh said that Naad Pargaas is active in the field of academics for the past several years. The organization primarily aims at perceiving and defining all phenomena of life in the perspective of Sabad. The organization has been regularly organizing various debates, seminars, kavi-darbars and conferences in past. The organization has been working in the field of philosophy, literature, history, politics, religion, painting, music and other departments of knowledge and is helping the students and researchers to creatively participate in their respective subjects.
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