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Present Judicial inquiry and its terms of reference neither legal nor statuary :Congress

Press Release
Subject: – Present Judicial inquiry and its terms of reference neither legal nor statuary as required under the Commission of Inquiries Act 1952, merely an office order (copy attached): Congress.
Needless to mention, although the Congress had outrightly rejected the Retd. Justice Jindal Commission of inquiry, in view of his extreme scandalous close connections with the SAD-BJP alliance.Now the farcical and ridiculous terms of reference of the so called inquiry have completely vindicated our allegations of gross cover up operation, as it is not covered under the Commission of Inquiries Act 1952.
It is shocking to learn that the so called terms of reference do not include by designation the Education Minister, who is actually the kingpin of the scam. It only mentions that the ambit of inquiry would include any person with a role in purchase/supply of books, science kits and map masters. It also does not include the disbursement of Rs. 750 crore SSA fund during the tenure of Ms. Parampal Kaur, Addl. DGSE and daughter in law of Sh. Maluka. The office order has restricted and limited the scope of inquiry to fix responsibility on the DGSE and other officials in order to give a clean chit to the Education Minister.
The statement of Sh. Maluka EM holding the DGSE responsible for the scam clearly indicates that the judicial inquiry is pre meditated, meaningless and redundant. This brazen and shameful act of the EM amounts to “Pot calling the kettle black” or “Ulta chor kotwal ko daante”. It is now abundantly clear that the said inquiry is nothing but a well planned conspiracy between the CM-EM and Justice Jindal, to fix responsibility on the DGSE and other junior officials and make them scapegoats. It is also very intriguing why the govt. has not taken full action on the report submitted by Sh. K.S.Pannu DGSE, into the scam. Congress demands that the entire report be made public without further delay.
Congress also severely condemns the misuse of official authority by the EM in pressurizing the DEO’s of the state, to organize support for him through the departmental officials in the districts. This is yet another strategy of the govt. to build public opinion in favour of the beleaguered Minister, through gross misuse of the govt. machinery.
It is uttermost important for the govt. to initiate criminal proceedings in the scam by filing a FIR against the EM, the three member committee and other guilty for cheating, frauding and embezzling public exchequer money. Congress seeks immediate resignation of Education Minister, as there is no chance of fair and impartial inquiry. All other investigations, fact finding etc. can run parallel, as the Justice Jindal Commission is nothing but a toothless tiger.
Sukhpal Singh Khaira
Official Spokesperson, PPCC
Gurpreet Singh Kangar
Vice President, PPCC
R.R. Bhardwaj
Ex-Deputy Chairman, Planning Board

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