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Press Release from Sukhdev Singh Khehra


Startling exposure of safe drug haven’s such as V. Daulewala in Moga, not only vindicate people’s perception of a deep politician- police –drug mafia nexus in Punjab but calls for the resignation of junior Badal as Home Minister  : Congress
    A recent story published by a national newspaper exposing Punjab’s drug haven (Copy attached), brings to fore the sordid story of blatant drug trafficking in Punjab, It also nips in the bud, the lame excuses offered by the CM-Dy.CM-Majithia troika, that soft international borders and a weak BSF are responsible for the drug menace in the state. It also flattens to ground the fake denials by this same troika that 70 % of youth are drug addicts, besides tearing into the police-drug mafia nexus.
    As per the report, at least one person from the 400 household of V. Daulewala are into drug trade. Contrary to the bogus defense of the above mentioned troika that drugs in Punjab are a result of international smuggling, all sorts of local manufactured drugs, such as poppy husk, opium, smack, morphine injections, pain killer tablets, cough syrups, synthetic drugs etc. are available in broadaylight and in abundance. Ofcourse internationally smuggled Cocaine and Herion are available too but are costly and beyond the reach of the average youth, hence Punjab is used as a route to smuggle them to countries like Canada and America. It is saddening and disgusting to note that even women are involved in this blatant drug trafficking.
 It also exposes the involvement of police in promoting drugs trade, as 100 kgs of poppy husk consignment recovered from a village youth was let off after taking a bribe of RS 2 lacs. Since, the process of postings and transfers of DSP’s and SHO’s are in accordance with the whims and fancies of Akali MLA’s and Jathedar’s, the drug money extracted by the police passes on to Akali politicians as well, making it a deep nexus.
    The saga of V. Daulewala is in fact a mini showcase story of Punjabi youth engulfed in the drug menace. It is now highly imperative for the SAD-BJP govt. to release the names of 10 high profile politicians and 185 officials, involved in the drug peddling as revealed by Sh. Shashi Kant, Ex-DGP, Punjab.
    Therefore, after going through the heart rending story of V. Daulewala, Congress demands the resignation of the Dy.CM as Home Minister, for his gross and utter failure to curb drugs in Punjab. It also demands a white paper on the disclosures made by the former DGP Shashi Kant, so that responsibility can be fixed on Politician-Police-Drug mafia nexus.
Sukhpal Singh Khaira
Official Spokesperson, PPCC

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