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Pollution Control Committee and conservators of Nature Missionaries Khudai Khidmatgaran.

On 1st July 2013, Conservators  of Nature Missionaries Khudai Khidmatgaran with the consent of Deputy Commissioner Amritsar and Divisional Forest Officer Amritsar has launched the Green-Punjab campaign .  DFO Amritsar being away to Chandigarh for meeting and Deputy Commissioner being busy with official matters could not make it to reach. On 2nd July we have started on another Site near village Her. During the first two days 500 saplings have been planted. Indu Aurora from Voice of Amritsar, S.Gunbir singh from ECO-Sikh also joined with Principal Mrs. Gill of Govt Senior Secondary School Her who she  got all varieties of different hew planted in her school. All the staff and students participated in the campaign.

In the month of May 2013, Deputy Commissioner shri Rajat Aggarwal IAS, asked   PS Bhatty to locate all vacant places and corners in and around Amritsar where plants can be planted.  PS Bhatty identified 33 such points where plantation could be done. These points were again visited by the representative of Sri NS  Randhawa  IFS, DFO Amritsar and final report was submitted to the authorities.

On one of these points plantation drive was started on 1st July 2013, and on 2nd July the campaign was taken to second point near village Her. Deputy commissioner and the DFO has now confirmed that on 6th morning from RamBagh the campaign Green-Punjab and Green Amritsar shall  officially be launched by planting Indian traditional trees and Tri-phala that is Harar, Berha,Amla beside other medicinal plants such as Reetha, Neem, Bhel, Imli, Shahtoot(mulberry), phalsa, jaman,  Desi Aam(Tapka), Hinna,Phalahi, Beri,  Jand,  kareer, Della, lasuri and lasura, Galgal, keekar desi, khair(Katha producing plant), Mahua, Pilkan, Peepal, Bohar, Suhanjna(Drum-stick),Sukhchain, Putranjeeva, Champa and Chameli, Motia(Gajra) and Chamba(Shrubs bearing traditional flowers for scent and ittar) and Gulkandhi Gulab (For gulkand an Ayurvadic and Unaani medicine).etc.etc. In addition to these plants about 70 other species of trees and shrubs shall be planted according to the suitability of the soil and location.

On the invitation of ECO-Sikh, PS Bhatty, President of Conservators  of Nature Missionaries khudaikhidmatgaran shall provide all those plants which have been referred in the Sikh Scriptures, for  to be planted in their religious places. On 5th July2013, Jathedar Sahib of Sri Akaal takhat sahibhas very kindly accepted to plant five such said plants in the Guru ka Bagh near sri darbar sahib Amritsar and inaugurate the campaign of Green Environment .

All Mandirs,Gurudwaras, Churches , and their grave yards are requested to ask for Tri-phalas or any other species of plants for to be planted anywhere in their vicinities by calling on mob no. 9815188810 and 9780908714. PS  Bhatty.  President  Pollution  Control  committee and Missionaries Khudai Khidmatgaran.          

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