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Congress demands a CBI probe to unearth the deep vested interest of the Badal family, in the development of proposed New Chandigarh.

Chandigarh, July 16(Bharatsandesh news):  After having hijacked the important trades of transport, cable network, bulk liquor, sand mining and quarrying, the Badal family has in a very well planned strategy grossly misusing the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is usurped the real estate trade as well.

            The Junior Badal who heads the said Department of Housing and Urban Development, is hand in glove with powerful corporate real estate developers of India, to reap large sums of profits by misusing his official position. All real estate related policies are tailor made to suit the mutual interests of both the parties, the corporate developers and the Badal family.

            To force my point, I wish to emphasize on the modus-oprendi adopted by the junior Badal in the development of Mullanpur area or the New Chandigarh. Having access to master plans of each area, the ruling party leaders in connivance with the CM’s family, first create a scare of land acquisition by the govt., thereafter pick up land from farmers at low rates. For example a small group headed by the son in law of Bibi Jagir Kaur Sh. Bhupinder Singh, with the blessings of Sukhbir Badal and Bikram Majithia bought land directly from farmers at low rates Rs. 25 – 50 lac per acre in the Mullanpur area. They would collect a land pool of about 250-500 acres and then sell this land to a corporate real estate giants from 1.5 crore to 2 crores, making clean profits in no time and this booty is shared with the Badal clan. As all Akali leaders carry master plans of major cities with them, this is the modus-oprendi across the state with different local leaders doing brisk business but then top head remains the Badal family.

            The Dy. CM in order to benefit self and his corporate realtor partners, has dedicated a six lane road from Chandigarh to Siswan, while there is very little traffic pressure compared to roads like Zirakpur – Patiala or Chandigarh – Kharar – Ludhiana. This has been done to favour upcoming colonies of these realtors and give access to the upcoming 7-Star Metro Resort owned by Sh. Sukhbir Badal at V. Pallanpur near Siswan T-point. Congress demands a CBI probe to unearth the deep vested interest of the Badal family, in the development of proposed New Chandigarh.


            All major colonization policies are made on the directions of these big real estate players, ignoring the local people who are in this business. Initially the govt. carved out a policy that no one would be allowed to create a colony unless he acquires a minimum 100 acres of land. It flopped badly and the govt. has come down to even 5 Acres colony rule now.

            Similarly, the Congress blasts the govt. over its draconian and stringent charges slapped to regularize more than 5000 unapproved colonies. It is surprising why the govt. turned a blind eye in the first place and allowed these colonies to mushroom over a period of years. The govt. provided road infrastructure, sewerage facilities, water and electricity connections to the residents of these illegal colonies. Now the  govt. has imposed a fees of Rs. 2.50 lac to Rs. 15 lac per acre to accord legal status to these colonies.

            Even the plot holders or ordinary people have not been spared, they are told to deposit Rs. 50 per square yard to Rs. 500 per square yard as charges for regularization.

            Congress terms this mischievous move of the govt. as blatant arm twisting and high handedness upon local colonizers and plot holders, ordinary people or the consumers. It demands that the govt. immediately roll back such huge charges as composition fees without any further delay.



Official Spokesperson PPCC


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