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The Talent Hunt”

 In BBK DAV College for Women, The Commercial Art Dept. organises “The Talent Hunt” under the guidence of H.O.D Sundeep Zuhshi. In this approximately 80 students of B.A and M.A of Commercial Art has taken part. In this students made poster on topics “Save Water” and “Save Girl Child”. In college students showed their best efforts on topics ‘ Indian Politics’ and “Wowen Then and Now”. Collage has been made on the topic “Satrie on Politics”. Inspite of Digital Photography. 3D competition was also conducted. Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Kamra gave her best wishes to the students who participated and said that Commercial Art Dept. is always successful in giving knowledge about different Social Causes.

                Results were taken under decision of Lalit Gopal and Aditi.


Students of B.A:-

Collage:-                                               1st position                             Nitya

                                                                2nd position                            Amanpreet

                                                                3rd position                            Bevi

Poster:-                                 1st position                             Prathibha

                                                                2nd position                            Pallvi

                                                                3rd position                            Vani

Cartooning Making:-        1st position                             Drishti

                                                                2nd position                            Anmol

                                                                3rd position                            Anchal

3D:-                                                        1st position                             Jasneet

                                                                2nd position                            Siya, Shivani

                                                                3rd position                            Prabhdeep

Photography:-                     1st position                             Siya

                                                                2nd position                            Arushi

                                                                3rd position                            Drishti

                                                                Consolation                          Mannat


Students of M.A:-

Photography:-                     1st position                             Prabhleen

                                                                2nd position                            Ashdeep

                                                                3rd position                            Arpan

3D:-                                                        1st position                             Dupinder

                                                                2nd position                            Namarita

Poster:-                                 1st position                             Aastha

                                                                2nd                                           Shikha

                                                                Consolation                          Eshale   


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