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 LUDHIANA, AUGUST 23(Bharat Sandesh)

A two-day training course on “Micronutrient Analysis in Cereal Grains” will be jointly organized by the Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) and Harvest Plus-India Biofortification on August 26 and 27 on the main campus.
            Divulging contours, Dr Kuldeep Singh, Director, School of Agricultural Biotechnology, PAU, said that micronutrients deficiency, especially, of iron and zinc is wide spread throughout the developing world, and has been globally referred to as a hidden hunger. The international community comprising several international organizations and farm universities are mutually trying to combat the hidden hunger through increasing bio-available zinc and iron in the major cereal crops, he added. The Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and Harvest Plus have joined hands for the past one decade for improving cereal grains for bio-available iron and zinc. In this regard, the PAU is organizing this two-day training course, said Dr Singh, while informing that the course will witness the planning of the future projects for alleviating the hidden hunger. The PAU’s School of Agricultural Biotechnology, Department of Soil Science and Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics have maximum number of platforms which are being used for micronutrient analysis in grains, he divulged.
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