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Badal Dal (Delhi Unit) leveling false, frivolous and baseless allegations :Sarna

New Delhi- 26 August 2013 (Bharatsandesh news):Mr. Paramjit Singh Sarna, President Shiromani Akali Dal Delhi and Former President Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee in a press conference here today said that the leaders of Badal Dal (Delhi Unit) has been continuously leveling false, frivolous and baseless allegations against him for the sale of land allotted by the DDA for the construction of Guru Harkrishna Hospital Bala Sahib, handing over the underground parking at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib to the government and for not respecting the dictates of Sri Akal Takhat Sahib.

Mr. Sarna further said that the Badal Dal, during the recent general elections to DSGMC has not only amplified such baseless allegations amongst the Sikh Sangat but also has projected it through the media at an unprecedented scale and thus the succeed in capturing the management of DSGMC. The target of the Badal Dal after winning the election of the committee is to utilize the Golak money (generous donations of the Devotees) for their personal enjoyments and political purposes.

Mr. Sarna said the present committee of the Badal Dal has misused the funds of the committee in the name of rescue and to help the victims in Uttarakhand. But the reality is different all together from their hallow claims. They have spent a fat amount of the Gurudwara funds for payment to the Helicopters, which they have hired for the leisure travel of their members to Uttarakhand. After the joyful air journey to Uttarakhand president of the DSGMC along with other members of the Badal Dal decided to travel across the sea to Italy and Paris for tourism by spending lakhs of rupees from the Gurudwara Funds. Immediate after their taking over charge of the committee they have purchased 8 new Innova cars and other cars for their personal use, some of which even has been provided to the family members of the office bearers of the committee. Whereas, during my tenure from 2004 to 2013 none of the office bearers has used official car of the committee, paid 14 lakh rupees to the contractor for erections of tents etc at Gurudwara Majnu ka Tila on the occasion of Baisakhi, whereas on the same occasion rupees 1.80 lakh were paid by our committee for Gurdwara Majnu Ka Tilla and Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib Both. When these issues of huge misuse of Gurudwara funds were brought into the knowledge of Sikh sangat, office bearers of the present committee got frightened to be exposed amongst the Sangat and started leveling false and baseless allegations against us to divert the attention of the Sikh sangat and to cover up their own blunders that they have committed within 6 months of their tenure. Mr. Sarna Said that recently air conditioners worth Rs. 86 Lakhs have been purchased for Guru Tegh Bahadur Institute of Technology Rajauri Garden for which no quotations were invited, this purchase needs to be investigated to bring before the Sangat such a huge financial bungling committed by the members of the Badal Dal in a single purchase.

Mr. Sarna further said the documents circulated by the Badal Dal in their last press conference do not at all establish that the land of Guru Harkrishan Hospital Bala Sahib has been ever sold or transferred by me (Sarna). He said first of all the law of the land does not permit for the sale of a land allotted by the DDA to an institution and further how a company or individual businessman would be agreed to purchase a building constructed on the lease land allotted to an institution. Mr. Sarna said for the construction and running of this gigantic hospital requires crores of rupees that could not be arranged from the Gurudwara Funds that was the reason for entering into a collaboration agreement with a hospital company. With this collaboration the committee would not only earn crores of rupees annually that could be utilized on medical and educational projects as well as the committee would continue with the ownership of this land and building.

Mr. Sarna said that this hospital would have been completed and started providing health facilities by the Manipal Health System but the company has decided to withdraw from this project as a large number of false and baseless cases against them were filed (W.P. (C )  No. 6127/ 2008, (W.P. (C )  No. 4253/2011, (W.P. (C )  No. 1328/2012 in the Hon’ble High Court Delhi and complaints in the DDA by the leaders of the Badal Dal. Mr. Sarna said again Guru Harkishan Medical Trust enter in a collaboration agreement with Radiant Life Care (Delhi) Pvt. Ltd & Dr. Sanjiv Bagai on 19th January 2012, which is still in force. He said now he is not member of the trust but as per the provisions of the Trust Deed Mr. Manjeet Singh G.K. and Manjinder Singh Sirsa being president and general secretary of DSGMC is Ex-officio trustees of the trust and they are fully authorized and competent to ask the other trustees regarding the functioning of the trust. He further said that this was not his family trust but in this trust eminent NRI Sikhs, Doctors, Businessman, Bankers, Legal Luminaries, Retd. IAS Officers, one member of DSGMC   and Chartered Accountant are appointed and none of them is my relative and none of the trustee is a permanent trustee. Tenure of the trustee has been fixed in the trust deed and no trustee can be nominated after consecutive two terms and after the retirement of a trustee new trustee in their respective categories can be appointed by the president and general secretary of the DSGMC, as president and general secretary of the committee are settler of this trust deed. It is the sole authority of the committee in appointing and removing of a trustee in the trust and presently Badal Dal has a control over the management of the DSGMC.

Mr. Sarna Said that Bhogal (two consecutive time badly defeated member of Badal Dal) has files a Civil  Suit No.252/12 in Patiala House Court against the DSGMC for declaring Guru Harkishan Medical Trust illegal and unconstitutional, which was defended by me as a president if the committee. But when Badal Dal took over the administration of the DSGMC, on next date of hearing advocate of the committee has supported the advocate of Bhogal and did not defend the part of the committee, court has given its judgment against the committee. We have filed an appeal against this impugned order, which is pending before the Hon’ble court of ADJ in Patiala House Court. He further  said that it is DSGMC which has taken an adverse order from the court against DSGMC  in connivance with the advocate of Bhogal with the intention to show a negative picture of the trust to the Sikh Sangat. 

Mr. Sarna explained that the allegation of purchasing of personal land is beyond understandable. It is a personal land that he has purchased and some of his friends and relatives are co-owners of this land. Moreover the details of purchase of land have been included in their income tax returns, which are already submitted to Income Tax Department. None of their property is Benami, controversial, illegal and they have never grabbed a single property. He challenged that he along with his family members is ready to investigate income sources and properties by an independent investigation agencies with a condition that the president of the Badal Dal, Mr. Prakash Singh Badal, Sukhbir Singh Badal, Manjit Singh G.K. and Manjinder Singh Sirsa would also come forward for the investigation of their income sources and properties.

Mr. Sarna said that in the recent past he has appeared before Sri Akal Takhat Sahib being a humble Sikh, which was appreciated by Jathedar Sahib. The order of the Takhat has been fully obeyed by me. On the contrary Sri Akal Takhat Sahib in the recent past has issued orders more than 15 times for the members of the Badal Dal. Mr. Badal should tell to the sangat, how many orders have been obeyed by his members? This will expose, who is dishonouring and disrespecting Sri Akal Takhat Sahib?  Badal Dal or me (Sarna). 




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