September 11, 2013 admin

Badal takes on Central Govt for tax concessions to neighbouring states

CHANDIGARH, SEPTEMBER 11- The Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today blasted the Congress-led UPA Government’s decision togrant industrial tax concessions to Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand and J&K and keeping Punjab out of the ambit of the package, despite repeated and earnest pleas of the Punjab government. “The UPA Government is clearly working to a plan to inflict economic devastation of the sensitive border state of Punjab through its deliberately ruinous policies. It does not require a great economist to understand that Punjab, as a land-locked state along an active and hostile international border, has a much better claim on the tax concessions being given to its neighboring states. But it has put all economic fundamentals and fiscal prudence to the sword in a single pursuit of its goal to reduce Punjabis to the status of beggars. “ 


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