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PGI Doctors and Yuvsatta NGO tell youth to celebrate Green Diwali

Doctors from PGI Say ‘Save Eye’s, Ear & Your health’ during Diwali

Chandigarh:– At a ‘Campaign for Green Diwali’ programme organized by Yuvsatta, Department of Environment, Chandigarh Administration and Eco-Club of Govt. Model Sr. Sec. School, Sector 10A, Chandigarh. Doctors from PGI addressed the students.  In her welcome speech Indira Beniwal, Principal of the School said that “Compared with those who burst crackers, the green members may be few.

Yet, keeping an eye on environment and to motivate more and more people to celebrate pollution free Diwali such events are must, especially in Schools’. "Cracke r thrills, but it can sometimes kill. The loud noise of crackers also causes intense pollution. The noise leads to hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart attack and disturbed sleep," shared Dr. Dharmveer, from ENT Department of PGI, Chandigarh in his address to students.

Another speaker today Dr. Srishti Raj, an assistant professor in Eye Department of PGI said that Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, but it also sees lots of people suffering from burns due to fire crackers. He further added that burns of the hands, face and eyes are the most common injuries during Diwali. Unfortunately, majority of the victims are children. They get injured while playing with the crackers unsupervised by the adults. There are instances of serious injuries caused by the fire crackers to the eyes, leading to loss of vision.

Many children or even adults injure their hands trying to ignite the "Flower pot” while holding it in their hands. These firecrackers, which should only emanate light and sparkles on ignition, often burst thus causing burn injuries. As they say prevention is better than cure, so the young ones whose life is put on stake in fire-cracker related injuries should take lead and campaign for ‘Cracker free Diwali’.

In his concluding remarks Pramod Sharma, Coordinator, Yuvsatta added that "When I think of bursting of crackers, I think I am burning my own money which could be used for making a difference in giving to the poor who can eat better food at this season. Bursting of crackers means damaging the environment, where the ozone layers has country size hole due to pollution and will be damaging more. Also there is child labour in cracker factories and each year many children die from accidental fire in these units. So I do not burst crackers. I feed the marginalized, destroying the evil in us, within us, and around us".

In the end students of the School not only pledged to become champions for ‘Green Diwali’. But also promised to urge their friends and neighbors not to burst crackers citing harmful effects of bursting crackers on the environment.

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