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People from Bihar and other states working in Punjab are the backbone of Industry: OP Soni

Amritsar 5 Nov (Bharatsandesh news): Vice President of PPCC and in charge of Majha Zone MLA Sh. OP Soni was today invited as chief guest at Goverdhan Puja and Vishavkarma Day celebrations held at Bankey Bihari wali ground Batala Road organized by Rashtriya Bihar Vikas Manch (Punjab). The gathering was in thousands and the scene suggested as if it is a well attended political rally. The president of Rashtriya Bihar Vikas Manch (Punjab), Sh.  Parshuram Sharma welcomed Sh. OP Soni with great warmth and among the slogans of ‘Zindabad’. Sh. Parshuram informed the people of Bihar about the support at administrative level which Sh. Soni provided in the organizing of the function.

Sh. Soni while addressing the gathering of the people of Bihar origin congratulated them on the organization of such a huge function. Sh. Soni further said that people from other state who are living and working in Punjab for many decades have never been patronized by any of the governments. Most of the migratory people are said as ‘parvasis’ which is not a right term as they are also Indians. This labor has played a very important role in the development of industries of Punjab. He further said that now due to hopeless policies of SAD/BJP government most of the industrial units are closing down and the migratory labor is looking towards other professions. The economic situation of Punjab is in the worst of the conditions so the economic situation of migratory labor is getting pathetic day to day. Explaining further Sh. Soni said the migrants have to struggle for Adhaar cards, Ration cards, electrics meters, gas connections etc. and have to pay thousands to the thekedars of various departments in spite of their being residing in Punjab for decades. He said that the situation will get even more worst if people like Narendra Modi get even an inch of space in the administration. Sh. Soni promised the people present that if they support Congress in the upcoming elections and in 2017, the future of every Indian will be in safe hands. He also promised that in spite of being in opposition he is the representative of every Punjabi no matter his origin is in Bihar or anywhere from out of Punjab. Sh. Soni also promised that if any migrant needs anything the doors of Soni house are always open. He thanked the committee for inviting him and gave a chance to interact with the migrants. JS Samra, Karamjit Singh Rintu, Sunil Dutti and others were present. 

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