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Rural students deserve preferred attention- Dr. Khem Singh Gill

Talwandi Sabo (Bathinda) 23 Jan 2014 (BharatSandes News):– Padam Bhushan Dr. Khem Singh Gill, internationally renowned Wheat Breeder and former Vice Chancellor of PAU, visited Guru Kashi University today.

He held detailed discussion with Dr. N.S Malhi, Vice Chancellor of Guru Kashi University. He laid special emphasis on studies of rural students who unfortunately do not enjoy the same facilities as their counterparts in the urban area have.

Consequently they lag behind in national and international competitions. If this gap is to be bridged the institutions like Guru Kashi University can play a significant role. The need of the hour is to set up more and more educational institutions in rural & semi rural area like Talwandi Sabo, a sacred place named

GURU KI KASHI by tenth Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He expressed his happiness to know that besides rural students of Malwa region of Punjab, this university is attracting students from other States of India. He was particularly impressed by the infrastructure that Guru Kashi University has.

Dr. NS Malhi, Vice Chancellor while thanking Dr. Khem Singh Gill for paying a visit to the Guru Kashi University assured him that all out efforts will be made to attract more rural students to this university. He also told that Guru Kashi University extends financial assistance to SC/ST economically poor & meritorious students. Dr. Malhi said that it would be our earnest endeavor to inculcate such traits among the students of Guru Kashi University, so as to enable them to compete at National & International level and to prove that they are in no way behind the urban students.

Mr. Satish Goswami, Registrar of Guru Kashi University was also present on this occasion.

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