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PETITION by All India Sikh Conference

In a petition to Hon’ble Chief Justice, Supreme Court of India the All India Sikh Conference has raised the matter about Delhi Police having disposed of thousands of dead bodies of innocent Sikh people in an inhuman, wicked and cruel manner.

On the behalf of the whole Sikh community, most respectfully, hopefully and humbly I beg to state that let justice be done to us by Your Honor for the reason that the person in the Chair of Justice or the one who sits in the Holy Temple of Justice is next to God, and the Chair of Justice is never in want of a time limit with the hands on a clock that point the hours and the minutes! Whenever even a single case of murder of an innocent person is taken cognizance of by a court, the latter comes into action immediately. Therefore, I, hereby file this Fresh Writ Petition through Registrar. Your Honor, the history gives no account of such precedent on this subject as does the manner in which dreaded, criminal, murderous and ruthless officers of Delhi Police disposed of thousands of dead bodies of innocent Sikh people in an inhuman, wicked and cruel manner. Come on! Let us assume for a while that it was not Delhi Police officers who murdered or got murdered the Sikh people in November “1984”. Well, let us also assume for a while that the Delhi Police is neither aware of the truth about killings of the Sikh people in Delhi nor do they know where the killers came from to do this bloody massacre of the Sikh people. Nevertheless, the truth is as universally accepted as the existence of Sun God and the facts speak for themselves that over five thousand innocent Sikhs fell dead in a single day, and all the dead bodies were found in the streets of Delhi that include the area around thirty kilometers. Besides, a large number of decomposed or badly burnt or extensively wounded dead bodies were seen lying in lanes, alleyways, squares, parks, trains, railway stations, bus terminals, trucks, streams, canals, markets, streets, stores, factories, taxi stands, petrol pumps, transporters, warehouses, etc. Your Honor, it was the legal obligation of the Delhi Police to take these dead bodies in their custody, and they did fulfill it. However, Delhi Police ‘neither’ lodged an FIR, ‘nor’ did they made a note of it in their diary, ‘nor’ did they photograph the dead bodies, ‘nor’ did they conduct a post-mortem on the dead bodies, ‘nor’ did they write the post-mortem report, ‘nor’ did they appeal for witnesses to the killings, ‘nor’ did they inform the kin of victims through a pubic notice, ‘nor’ did they hand over the dead bodies to an heir, ‘nor’ did they investigate a murderer for the massacre, ‘nor’ did they file a single murder case to be decided in a court, ‘nor’ did they keep the dead bodies of innocent Sikh people in a mortuary or a funeral parlor, ‘nor’ did they administer the last rites to anyone and ‘no’ funerary rites were administered as per the doctrine of Sikhism, ‘no’ recitation of the sacred Gurbani funeral was done, ‘no’ Gurdwara authorities were informed to witness a cremation and ‘no’ ritual material or wooden sticks were used to burn the dead bodies. Moreover, when a dreaded terrorist is killed, the police are supposed to perform their funeral rites as per the ritual of the religion of the dead, the last rites of the dead bodies of the Sikh people were performed by the followers of other religions. For instance, the funeral ceremony of the terrorists who attacked the Indian Parliament as well as the Pakistani enemies who died in the Indo-Pak war was performed in a dignified manner according to the respective religion of the dead, the corpses of the Sikhs were cremated with the dead bodies of alcoholics, meat-eaters, crooks, criminals and the like persons and without performing any religious ritual too! This terrible inhuman act has threatened the very fabric of the Indian society and all of the religious traditions and customs of the country. Whereas it is the foremost as well as the most important moral duty of the Delhi Police to comply with all their legal obligations, on the contrary, the senior officers of the Delhi Police crossed all limits of cruelty when they collected or got collected the dead bodies of Sikh people so inhumanly. With a nod and a wink of the Centre – especially, M.M.K. Wali, the then Home Secretary, Government of India, P.G. Gavai, the then Lt. Governor of Delhi, and Subhash Tandon, the then Police Commissioner of Delhi – the senior officers of Delhi Police bribed sweepers, criminals, butchers and slum-dwellers with alcohol and a lot of money to drag the dead bodies of Sikh people from different areas of Delhi to dustcarts, street venders’ pushcarts, cycle-rickshaws and auto-rickshaws so cruelly as if “a sweeper drags an animal to his handcart.” Thereafter, they tied or wrapped together the dead bodies collected from different parts of Delhi and put the bundles in small trucks and tempos to take these to the forests on the outskirts of Delhi and Aravalli hills surrounding Delhi to set the lots on fire with the help of petrol, diesel or other chemicals during the hour of darkness in night as a top-secret act! It marks the cold, dark and scary nights of November “1984”. It was a time when a commoner of Delhi was so terrified and the Sikh people were in hiding while many of them were injured. Television was the only electronic media and it was Government-controlled at that time. Your Honor, in the hard times of this tragedy, Delhi Police showed a stunning contempt of the Guru Granth Sahib and hundreds of Gurdwaras. For instance, Gurdwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in Gamdi near Bhajanpura, situated in trans-yamuna area of Delhi was totally devastated and the Guru Granth Sahib and other religious books were burnt and reduced to ashes. Thereafter, the Gurdwara was occupied by the police to build a police station on the land. This police station remained in existence here for 8 years that is till 1992, and all this happened in Delhi, the capital of the country, to bring about the disgrace of a brave community. We must not forget the fact that “ten hungry hounds can kill even a lion or tiger collectively!” Your Honor, the Centre government has conspired against the Sikh in a planned manner and told the Sikh people again and again that investigating committees are doing their job well and they will definitely get justice. This job of investigating committees lasted for 26 years and total 18 investigating committees were set up one by one in this long period. Unfortunately, it proved to be merely deception, a criminal conspiracy. Therefore, Your Honor, I request you to take this petition of mine as a Writ Petition and let the legal proceedings be begun. I must request (as in November “1984”) that: (A) an immediate legal action be taken against all the then senior officers – ACP, DCP, Joint Commissioner and Commissiner of Police including the SHOs and other officers posted in all police stations of Delhi in murder, roit, arson, rape, throwing away dead bodies, destruction of evidence, spoiling religious places, provoking a mob of criminals, and the like serious cases. Besides, on the basis of the given facts, let a strict action be taken against the topmost police officers and felonious political leaders who made the police force do this heinous crime; and (B) an order be issued for letting a big and special team of senior officers with an honest background from North-east and Kerala or South India be set up by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the leadership and guidance of the present honest Commissioner of Police so that the legal proceedings be done in a time-bound manner. Your Honor, in the end, I would like to admit so politely and humbly that an immediate legal action on my petition is a must, lest none should come out of the misconception of my community which I mention here most honestly and truly in these words: “Whenever I passby the Supreme Court of India, I hang my head in shame for these unanswered queries in mind: Is it the biggest Temple of Justice for us or an refuge for the agents of the Centre government, murderers of the innocent, and police officers with criminal background? Or is it a meeting-place for judges, the eyewitness to mass murder of the innocent, who did not perform their moral and legal duty due to which the whole Sikh community has been deprived of justice for long?” Your Honor, I would like to ask: (i) Are the Supreme Court judges ignorant of the fact that Delhi has witnessed killing of over 5000 innocent persons? (ii) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that about 10,000 murderers of the innocent of Delhi reside in the vicinity of the Court? (iii) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that it remained closed continuously for four days in November 1984 because the roads had been blocked by the killers? (iv) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that the Supreme Court judges remained closed indoors continuously for four days while the Court itself was in possession of the killers, so no applicant or advocate or judge could enter the Court in this period? And (v) Is the Supreme Court ignorant of the fact that the murderers of the innocent are enjoying themselves without restraint while the suffering families are wandering about for justice? Although, the Hon’ble Court did take suo motu action after reading news published in dailies many a time, it kept mum on the issue of widows! Your Honor, the Supreme Court judges know everything, but due to being corrupt, schismatic, cowardice, impotent and an agent in the Centre government, they use to keep mum as the former Supreme Court judge Ranganath Mishra did. I, therefore, request the Honorable Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India to let a special team of Supreme Court judges with honest background be set up in his own supervision so that justice is done. I hope that you will do justice to us for sure. PETITIONER, Gurcharan Singh Babbar

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