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GNDU scholar participated in International Youth Exchange Programme in China

 Amritsar, September 09, 2015 (  Bharatsandeshnews ) – Ripu Daman Parihar, National Youth Awardee (Govt. of India) and a research Scholar from Zoology Department of Guru Nanak Dev University returned from eight days visit delegation to china. This event was held by ministry of youth affairs and sports, GOI under International Youth Exchange Programme with China. The purpose of this delegation was to exchange the cultural and traditional values of the country with Chinese youth. During this visit , they interacted with different people in universities, volunteer centers, historical places, technically well equipped companies, factories and industries.

Mr. Ripu Daman said that the use of cheap technology by common man was a point of attraction for them. They have translated the Google into Chinese and everyone is updated with the present world. India should also work on it. Second thing was free public gyms. Govt. of china has set up public gyms which are accessible to all. Everyone i.e. young, old, children, male and female were making its use to keep them physically fit and healthy. In India the number of lifestyle diseases is increasing because everyone cannot afford to go to gyms as it is costly. So, Govt. of India should adopt it and take care of public health. Another thing was that people were making use of cycles on a large scale.

This helps to keep environment pollution free and also save fuel. Govt. should encourage this concept and come up with cycles having both Paddles and Fuel. Such innovation will be very helpful to tackle the problem of traffic jams with in the city. In china more emphasis is given on the practical work rather than academic approach as is found in India. This is the reason why they are far more advance than us. Workers in factories and Industries have no work load or pressure on them. They have half hour break after fixed interval. In this break every worker will come out and have a relaxing dance on a smooth and sweet music being played through out the premises. Similarly, after dinner everyone (Young, old, children) used to come out at public places where they have music, dance, recreation and exercise. All this helps the Chinese people to stay young, happy and healthy.

In India the Govt. is investing more on providing treatment and cure rather than prevention and protection. Govt. should stir this approach. Moreover in china people are more responsible and follow the rules. In India people are least concerned about fundamental duties. I think GOI should make at least two hours of social work mandatory for all. This will help to develop a civic sense among Indians which is lacking. China is very careful about its population. They have one child policy with few exceptions. India too has to rein its overpopulation and divert the peoples mind for a better quality of life rather than a life full of compromises and miseries. Youth of the country should come up, share the responsibility and contribute to make India a better Nation. “I thank GOI for giving me this opportunity to explore our neighbor china. Such programmes are very helpful and fruitful in making people to people contact which is must for establishing Universal Peace and Brotherhood”, he said.


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