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 LUDHIANA10 Sept, 2015 (bharatsandeshnews)

The Farm Advisory Services (FASS) of PAU, Bathinda organized a field day at village Bajak for the control of white fly in cotton. More than 200 farmers participated in the field day. The experts from FASS and Regional Research Station, Bathinda shared different techniques for the control of white fly including spray technology and clean cultivation of the crop. The experts also dwelt on the incidence of the pest and the situations where pest damage is very severe. The PAU farm literature was distributed among the farmers, who were quite convinced about the control of whitefly after seeing these fields. The fields of the cotton in which white fly is under control were also shown to the farmers. FASS experts guided the farmers regarding early sowing of cotton, advised them to avoid late sowing, destroy weeds regularly in and around the cotton fields, and spray the crop with systemic insecticides during early crop stage and systemic plus contact during reproductive phase of crop.



Dr. Chander Mohan

Additional Director of Communication

PAU, Ludhiana



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