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Startling disclosures by a Kapurthala jail inmate

Startling disclosures by a Kapurthala jail inmate of large scale drug trafficking within the jail premises, once again exposes the utter failure of the Badal government to curb the drug menace :- Khaira

The startling disclosures made by a Kapurthala jail inmate in his telephonic conversations with Vikramjit Singh Panthe DSP (Jails), alleging large scale drug trafficking within the jail premises, has once again confirmed the deep nexus between the drug mafia-police and powerful politicians. As per the disclosures, he has stated that “Chitta” or heroin powder worth Rs. 2-3 lac was being sold daily by mafia within the jail and that the drug money was being paid to higher authorities as well.

These disclosures have completely trashed, debunked and dashed to ground the tall claims being made by the Badal duo, that the government had controlled the menace of drugs in the state. Such large scale drug trafficking within the jail premises have also flattened the bogus argument of the Badal duo, that Punjab is merely a transit route for drugs coming from soft international borders of Pakistan via Afghanistan.

It is also an open secret, that the Badal government has left no stone unturned to blatantly shield and protect Bikram Majithia Revenue Minister, whose involvement in the drugs scandal came to light after Jagdish Bhola named him before the media at Mohali last year. Thereafter, Bittu Aulakh and Jagjit Chahal the accomplices of Jagdish Bhola too named Bikram Majithia as their partner in the drug trade, before the Enforcement Directorate officials. The Badals using their political clout with the Modi government tried to gag the voice of Niranjan Singh Joint Director ED, by getting him transferred out of Punjab, litigation regarding which is pending before the High Court.

The junior Badal in order to defuse the public anguish and outcry has illegitimately pushed thousands of poor and petty drug addicts and peddlers in the jails of the state, while powerful drug politician-police mafia continue to scott free.

But now the startling and sensational disclosures by a jail inmate have brought the cat out of the bag and has confirmed beyond doubt, that if an inefficient government cannot control drug trafficking in the jail premises, what justice can it deliver in the countryside that stands badly affected by this menace.
Therefore, Congress is of the firm opinion that nothing short of a CBI inquiry or judicial probe by a sitting Judge of the High Court can nab the real culprits of drug trade.

Congress also urges the hon’ble Chief Justice of the Punjab and Haryana High Court, to take suo-moto cognizance of these vital disclosures made by a jail inmate and order a fair investigation by the CBI into the monstrous menace of drugs engulfing lacs of households of Punjab.

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