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Seminar On Rural Marketing held at Sai Institute Of Management Manawala, Amritsar

Amritsar, 16 Oct 2015 (Bhart Sandesh Bureau): A Seminar on Agri business and Rural development was organized by Sai Institute of Management Manawala, Amritsar. The Director-Principal Dr. Sanjay Bahl, Staff members, students attended the Lecture and learned the basics, new approaches to Rural Marketing and Agri Tourism. It was held under the guidance of Chairman Sir Er. SK Punj & MD Smt. Tripta Punj. 

Dr. Mandeep Pujara was the keynote speaker of this Seminar, he is presently working as Project Director of ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency), Amritsar under Ministry of Agriculture, Govt of Punjab. He is a core academician, scientist, researcher, strategist, and a positive thinker. He is strategic planner with expertise in new concepts development, implementing them and making them successful. He has extensively worked on the aspects of Project Management, Public Private Partnership, Marketing, Extension Channel Management and Relationship Management. He is an expert in developing backward linkages associated with entrepreneurship development in agriculture and promotion of sustainable agriculture through advanced technologies associated with extension services.

His main responsibility is of handling all the technology dissemination activities, linkage with all allied departments, research organization, NGO’s and agencies associated with agricultural development. Research and extension units within the district such as KVK’s, department of Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Sericulture, Marketing, etc. are constituent members.

He is currently involved in agricultural activities for sustainable agricultural development. ATMA is a focal point for integrating Research and Extension activities and decentralizing day to day management of the public Agricultural Technology System (ATS) and responsible for technology dissemination .

His Key responsibilities are Review of progress of implementation of extension reforms, Rashtriya krishi vikas yogna and National food security Mission of Goverenment of INDIA. Convening meetings of ATMA governing board, hold ATMA management committee meetings. ensure timely flow of funds to blocks.

He explained about Rural Development and Urban marketing concepts, components, classification and made it a great learning session. He discussed with the Students Agri business in India. He also discussed about Agri tourism.

Tourism in Amritsar is tly direclinked to almost 3 crore people who visit Golden Temple every year an dthey can be directed to to see cultivation, life & living in villages, fruits and vegetable in fields for people of metros. The concept of guest houses in villages can support economy of villages.

Emphasizing upon rural development through rural marketing, he also discussed about emerging trends in rural marketing: Agri business management, NGO Management ,Natural resources management, Rural infrastructure management, Micro Finance ,Corporate social responsibility ,Role of NABARD, Transition of rural development,, Road Connectivity. He explained the difference between productions oriented approach and market oriented approach for the farmers and appealed to the students that it is a challenge for them to make the farmers in their area, villages, aware regarding the concepts and work in villages for optimum growth. He lured students to make their rural areas economic viable zones by attracting investments in agro processing by giving examples of Malaysia where 80% of food is processed as compared to 2% in India. He gave the examples of Brazil, Philippines, China, and other developing countries. He said 20% of our food grain costing Rs.50000 Crores is wasted, 30-40% of Fruits and vegetables also get wasted amounting to approx. Rs. 50000 Crores. It was very interesting and interactive sessions where students participated in the seminar with their Views and problems of rural area. Ms. Harmeet of MBA-III wanted the solution to make the dream of Digital Rural a reality. Mr. Harinder Singh of MBA-I wanted to know more about Agri Tourism to start a project in his village.

The seminar culminated with vote of thanks to eminent speaker. Dr. Sanjay Bahl, faculty members, Students extended their gratitude and felicitated Dr. Mandeep Pujara Project Director ATMA.

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