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Ludhiana, 20 Jan 2016:– In coming days, weather would be cold and dry. Moderate to dense fog likely during morning /evening hours. The daily maximum and minimum temperature is expected to be between 18-21°C and 3-60C, respectively. Mean relative humidity is likely to remain around 61 % during these days. The wind speed is likely to range from 5-8 km/h.

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As the present weather is favourable for the appearance of yellow rust, farmers are advised to monitor the crop for the occurrence of yellow rust in fields. If symptoms of yellow rust are noticed, spray the crop (wherever yellow rust is noticed in patches) with Tilt or Shine or Bumper or Compass or stilt or Markzole @ 1 ml in 1 litre of water. In mustard crop, if the infestation of aphid reached the economic threshold level in sarson/ raya then spray the crop with 40 g Actara 25 WG or 400 ml of Rogor 30 EC/Ekalux 25 EC or 600 ml of Dursban 20 EC in 100 litres of water per acre. Spray should be done in the afternoon when pollinates are less active.

This weather is also favourable for the late blight disease in potato. To check potato late blight spray the crop with contact fungicides like Indofil M-45/Antracol/Kavach/Mass M-45/Markzeb @ 700 g per acre. Cover the vegetable plants with polythene/straw to protect from cold/frost. Irrigate the sugarcane crop if required. Transplant the stecklings of carrot and turnip for seed production. To check pea rust, spray the crop with 400 g of Indofil M-45 in 200 litres of water. Repeat spray at 10 days interval.

Complete pruning of deciduous fruit crops. It is also suitable time for pruning, planting and nutrition application of deciduous fruit plants such as pear, peach, plum, pomegranate, grapes etc. Ensure light irrigation to guava in cold and foggy weather to check fruit drop. Ensure that the young evergreen fruit plants are properly protected from frost/cold. Its time to wrap slippery bands around mango trees to check mango mealy bug.

Newly born calves need special care during cold weather as they are susceptible to attack of pneumonia. Keep them warm by providing clean & dry bedding. Keep the animals under roof at night time or during rain/fog and in the sun during the day. Do not apply milk for lubrication of teats after milking. To avoid cracking or fissuring of teats in cold dry weather clean the teats with warm water and apply ghee or butter or teat dips (glycerine Providone Iodine 1:4) after every milking. Deworming should be done in calves especially against Ascariasis/Malap with piperazine liquid 4 ml/ 10 kg body weight.

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